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Advanced Mapping Solutions is your first choice for supplier of innovative products to support Land Survey Professionals, Heavy Equipment Safety Programs and GPS Grade Control requirements.

Workplace safety is more important now than ever! Our high-tech Collision Avoidance and Fatigue Monitoring systems are significant assets for a safe work environment and a wide variety of heavy equipment industries. Our technology prevents accidents with workers and pedestrians in harsh industrial environments, while protecting other important assets on any work site.



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With our GPS Grade Control and, RTK Configurations, we support land surveyors, engineers, geologists, municipal governments, and construction contractors. If you’re looking to buy land surveying equipment, we sell the highest quality GPS and GNSS survey equipment as well as GPS RTK survey software, data collectors, and more.

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Our team of highly trained technicians will provide you with prompt and courteous support for as long as you own your equipment.

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Because of the inclusion of five major constellations as a standard our RTK receivers can pull data from a complete range of satellites for better reception, lower on the horizon. With the use of our aRTK option and our built in IMU-tilt sensor our e-Survey gear works well close to structures, in valleys and under thick canopy.

Whether we are onsite or remote, our technicians can help you with firmware or software updates so that all your Working with our technicians, you will be able to download the latest operator and install manuals to help troubleshoot issues that may arise. Simply contact Advanced Mapping Solutions and we will get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Whether we are onsite or remote, our technicians can help you with firmware or software updates so that all your equipment has the latest version updates. This service is complimentary when you buy gear from Advanced Mapping Solutions.

Hemisphere GNSS receivers come fully loaded with the ability to track and make measurements from all 5 satellites constellation, included in the base price of our Machine Control Systems.

Most operators that have not tried machine control of any type agree that using something new can be quite daunting. Whether you a new operator or an experienced one, GradeMetrix uses a very simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand.

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Our Mission is to understand our customers needs and deliver exceptional solutions.

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