Carlson CSI Mobile

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Measure and map crime scenes or traffic accidents with Carlson’s CSI Mobile and its companion CSI Office software solutions. They are ideal for use by city and county police departments, State Police and consulting firms engaged in accident reconstruction

Both easy-to-learn and easy-to-use — all commands appear in one menu — Carlson CSI offers a library of more than 40,000 automobile makes and models. This allows those recreating an accident scene to draw undamaged cars with only two field shots, based on the actual dimensions of the car. Illustrations of damaged cars can be created based on field shots of the damaged area only.

  • Draw linework in the field
  • Save field shots by extending or joining any point on existing lines
  • Easy “Move Up” and “Offset” commands
  • Accident Report as Text File based on car make and model

Carlson CSI Mobile and Office is designed specifically for police departments with valued input from the Cincinnati Police Department in its development.