Machine Control

GradeMetrix™ Machine Control Powered by Hemisphere

GradeMetrix™ is Hemisphere GNSS’ high-value machine guidance solution for high-precision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications. Hemisphere’s GradeMetrix™ portfolio includes solution offerings for dozer and excavator earth-moving applications. Whether it is grading, mining, excavating, or compaction applications, GradeMetrix™ solutions provide superior performance at an exceptional value.

The GradeMetrix™ system is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing site infrastructure using all the same design file formats and base station corrections.

Positioned as the best value guidance tech on the market today, GradeMetrix™ is a next generation high precision GPS guidance system for excavators and dozers. Intelligent product design minimizes the number of individual components, saving costs and improving reliability.

Why Choose GradeMetrix™?

  • The GradeMetrix™ system is a customizable, rugged, and intuitive tool to help your business position itself for productivity.
  • Fine tune your job estimates to become a more competitive bidder and add more money to your bottom line.
  • Only move material once; efficient and precise.
  • The system uses common CAD formats which include: dwg, dxf and LandXML
  • A simplified user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Import files to the machine using common file recognition.
  • Our system has several infield design routines for jobs that require on site changes or modifications. The system will stake out and record topo points and can be accessed remotely for customers to exchange project files or as built data.

Why Choose Carlson?

Carlson Software’s Machine Control solutions democratize positioning and 3D machine control globally through open standards, easy-to-use software interfaces and an attractive price/performance proposition for Mining, Landfills, and Construction.

We serve the mining, landfill, dredging, earthmoving and 3D drilling markets with state of the art, 3D machine guidance, positioning, monitoring, reporting and production analysis solutions.

Carlson Machine Control provides solutions that adhere to Open Positioning Architecture (OPA). We believe in promoting open support for data files, sensors, etc. We have the world’s most extensive GNSS/GPS library connecting to most GPS receivers.

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