Support FAQ

Most operators that have not tried machine control of any type agree that using something new can be quite daunting. Whether you a new operator or an experienced one, GradeMetrix uses a very simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand.

All the receivers we carry come with at least a built in 1- or 2-watt radio. Our E800 has an internal 5-watt radio for a range of 10-12 kms. The typical range for our units is 5 – 6km in ideal conditions. If you need to go farther than this, AMS offers many options to extend your range, whether you need a base booster radio like the TRU35, or a network option like NTrip Caster, we have what you need to get the job done.

An e-Survey GNSS receiver can achieve 20-25 cm in X & Y in DGPS mode with just one WASS satellite. It can also achieve 4-8 cm in X & Y in L-Band mode via Atlas global correction service H-10 service without being in RTK mode.

Hemisphere GNSS receivers come fully loaded with the ability to track and make measurements from all 5 satellites constellation.

Hemisphere has been making GNSS components for the past 30 years, initially being introduced to the OEM, Marine and Agricultural GNSS markets. In the last 8 years have they focused on the Land Surveying and Construction markets. To gain rapid market share in these markets, Hemisphere GNSS has introduced very aggressive pricing and advanced RTK GNSS technology within these industries. Test it yourself and experience the difference!

The e-Survey receivers come with either hot-swappable batteries or with internal battery packs. With the hot swappable battery configuration, each will last approximately six hours of. Depending on the receiver and the application, the internal batteries will last 10-12 hours. This battery life can be extended using e-Survey’s external power kit, which provides 16 hours of base operation; so, the e-Survey RTK GPS battery can last between 6 and 16 hours.
Modern GNSS RTK systems can provide a relative accuracy of 0.8cm +/- 1ppm horizontal and 1.5cm +/- 1ppm in the vertical. This relative accuracy can be translated into absolute accuracy using Monuments. All the GNSS RTK systems Advanced Mapping Solutions provides are capable of this level of accuracy.
Modern GNSS RTK systems are comparable in price to robotic total stations, while providing a much higher level of productivity. As with robotic total stations, prices will vary depending on the manufacturer.